Monday, January 31, 2011

Brand your Business: Wine Bottle Coolers

Proper branding is critical to your business' long term success. A lot of people think of branding as logo development, but in reality, branding is influencing the thoughts and feelings of your customers to ensure that you are what they desire. This comes not just from your logo, but every step of customer interaction including signage, employees, your office or storefront, social media presence... even something as small as your invoicing leaves an impression!  This is where promotional items can really help out.  Whether bring used to show appreciation to your current customers, or as a way to capture new customers, there are so many fun and inventive items you can choose from to keep your brand in front of people. Just about anything you can imagine is available!  This week, we're in love with these Wine Bottle coolers.  They're just as useful as the pens and letter openers everyone else gives out, but way-more exciting!  Take a look at our online catalog for more information of these coolers as well as thousands of more products to help you present your brand to the world!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How does a logo become embroidered?

If you've ever wondered how we do what we do, take a look at this video:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011 Press Release - We've Moved!

Embroidery by Everything Personal has relocated to 42 Cottage street in Littleton, NH in the building previously occupied by Scooter Britches and Rocky’s Home Video.  
Embroidery by Everything Personal was founded in 1994 in Manchester, NH specializing in custom embroidery.  Ten years ago, proprietors Pat and Drew Beck purchased a home in Bethlehem, NH wanting to be closer to their roots in St. Johnsbury.  “Littleton provided a centralized location and a positive atmosphere to expand and see our business prosper so we decided to relocate the business there,” explained Pat Beck.

Since moving the business to Littleton in 2001, the business has been located in the Historic Thayers Inn on Main Street. “We loved being in the Inn,” stated Beck, “but we had definitely outgrown the space available to us sometime back.  We had been looking for the right space for over 2 years, and when this location became available we jumped at the chance.”

Beck has already been impressed by the difference the move has made.  “Our new space is nearly double the square footage, open and bright.  Our work flow has already improved amazingly” she said.  “We are also enjoying more drop-in traffic from friends and customers thanks to our increased visibility.”

Embroidery by Everything Personal offers full range of name brand apparel and accessories which can be custom embroidered or screen printed.  You can visit them in their new Cottage Street location weekdays from 9am-5pmor Saturdays by appointment or chance.  For more information contact the staff at 603-444-0130 or

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Peak at What we Do

Welcome to our Blog!

It's a new year and there are lots of new things to report!  After spending the last 9 years in our Thayers Inn location in Littleton, NH, we packed up our machines and thread and spent New Years settling into our brand new location: 42 Cottage Street.   Our new location offers us nearly twice the amount of room (which we have already filled up!) and gives us terrific work flow.  Those of you who are familiar with our old location may also know that we had occasion to bump into one another from time to time.  No longer!  Our new space is bright and roomy and just waiting for you to come visit us!  We're so invigorated by our new digs that we are looking to refurbish our website and begin a whole new blog and email campaign to keep up with our customers.  So keep a look out for all sorts of changes coming your way and be sure to drop into our new store to say, "Hi!"