Monday, April 11, 2011

Brand your Business: Flowers!

Oh yeah, not only does the calender say it's Spring but FINALLY we believe it.  It was simply the most gorgeous of weekends and everywhere you went, people were smiling, working in their yards,  washing the windows, or just sitting out in the fresh air, soaking in the sunshine.  It's amazing how that first truly warm Spring day changes your whole outlook, makes you want to change over your whole wardrobe to shorts and t-shirts, and firmly believe that there will never be another day under 60 degrees for another 6 months.  So how do you harness this optimism for your next promotion?  How about live flowers or seeds?  Is your venue hosting a Spring wedding?  Is your hotel offering a Spring getaway package?  Is your restaurant holding an Easter day brunch?  Heck, even if you operate a tow truck, giving out a package of bulbs or seeds, or even a live daffodil to your customers (branded with your company logo) is going to brighten their day and their opinion of your service.  Then you both get to enjoy that "sunny day" feeling!

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