Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E-Catalog: 2011 Dickies Occupational Workwear

Most people know that we can supply you with the latest styles in sportswear and casual clothing at reasonable prices.  However, we can also supply your office or crew with occupation specific workwear.  From medical scrubs, to chef coats and beyond, there is almost nothing we can't supply your team with.  This Dickies catalog is a great place to start the search for outfitting your workplace.  From front office wear, to coveralls, hi-visibility safety wear, to carpenter jeans and more, we've got you covered.  Remember, we're happy to embroider or screen print your company logo on any item of your choice, but we are also happy to  offer our apparel undecorated as well if that is your need.  To find out more, or place an order, contact us today.

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