Monday, July 18, 2011

Brand your Business: Sponsor an event

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of taking my daughter to Lyndonville's annual Stars and Stripes parade.  The Lyndon Chamber of Commerce has really expanded the parade in the past 30 years to a day-long family event complete with lines of vendors in the park, free activities for kids and a free dance in the evening.  As often happens when I attend events, I notice just how many businesses are there sponsoring tables, teams, floats and booths.  My daughter walked away with free candyFrisbees, necklaces, pinwheels, ice cream, popcorn and more - all donated by local businesses and organizations, many items which we still have in our house emblazoned with the respective business' logo.  Not only does this give me a good feeling about doing business with these people who treated my family so nicely, but it also serves as a reminder that they truly support their community.  So, get involved with your local community! Sponsor a local team or event, load up on promotional product giveaways and put your marketing dollars to work for you. You'll be surprised how putting a smile on a community member's face will come back to benefit you and your business!

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