Monday, March 12, 2012

Brand Your Business: Natural Growth

When it comes to promotions, you need to be thinking at least a month in advance.  Event planning, production times, and proper marketing and advertising all take more time than most people realize.  Regular promotions can be an important tool in keeping your business top of mind with your customer base, as well as a tool to grow awareness of your business with those out there who have not yet discovered your business.  Now that we're in mid-March and the temps are rising, people's minds naturally turn to Spring.  But don't focus on coming up with a St. Patrick's day promotion, or March Madness tie-in.   Instead, focus more on what you can be doing in April or May.  Maybe an Earth day promotion is right for your business? If your business is involved with the exploding Green movement in this country, or even utilizes or sells green materials in their day-to-day operations, a green promotion is right up your alley!  There are literally thousands of earth-friendly promotional products out there. Pens, rulers, magnets and more are available in corn-plastic, a naturally derived plastic that's 100% biodegradable.  Notebooks, post-its, journals and more are available from recycled paper.  There are-usable cloth shopping bags available, as well as solar powered flashlights.  Almost anything you can think about comes in an eco-friendly version, making it easy for you to promote your business in the most environmentally friendly way.  Call us for more information on eco promotional items today.

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