Monday, June 4, 2012

Brand Your Business: Fair Trade

Promotional Products can be used in many different, but equally effective ways.  You can use them strictly as a  giveaway, distributing them to current and potential customers to be used as a way to increase awareness of your business or organization.  You can use them as an added value enticement for when your customers make a specific purchase - think of it like getting the "free" wine glass when you pay for a tasting.  You can even use them as point of sale merchandise- selling branded products at your salon, inn, bar or school.  One of the smartest ways you can use promos, however is as a lure to gain information about potential customers, or to get them to accept information from you as to your services and products.  Many people would be happy to fill out a survey, accept a pamphlet, or even supply you with an email address if it is exchange for a free water bottle, jump rope, frisbee or other promotional item.  Now you are gaining experience for your organization as well as developing a stronger database of potential customers.  No matter which way you decide to use them, promotional products are always as effective way of branding your business and increasing your exposure.  Find the right promo for your business in our online catalog or contact us for more information today.

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