Monday, August 1, 2011

Brand your Business: "Stick" in people's minds

No matter what your business or organization, I'm betting you can use these foil stamped labels.  Whether for use on correspondence or labeling your products, foil stamped labels are an attractive way to reinforce your brand.  I once worked at a Framed Art store and each picture we sold, or custom framed  got a foil stamped label stuck on the back.  Not only was this a way to make the entire product look more complete and professional, but it also severed as a little reminder for them where they found such a beautiful piece. I often see these labels in gift shops, farmers markets, candy stores and other unique, independent shops to seal a package. In fact, a nice foil label placed on a plain paper bag can be an affordable alternative to having an expensive "hot stamped" custom shopping bag produced.  Whichever way you choose to use them, foil stamped labels can certainly help you brand your business. For more ideas and suggestions, contact us today.


  1. I am more inclined to buy if I see a professional-looking label. Good post, friend!

  2. Thanks, Amberr! They can make a big difference between making something that's "Done" look "finished." :)