Monday, October 3, 2011

Brand Your Business With Gratitude

Yes, it may only be October 3, but it is time once again to begin thinking about the holidays.  Maybe you're thinking of giving your employees jackets with your logo embroidered on them?  Maybe you want to screen print a bunch of fun tees for a holiday party? We can help!   But don't forget that in addition to everything else a company should be dealing with at the end of the year, one of the most important things to consider is how to thank your best customers. Especially in these difficult economic times, expressing your gratitude is crucial to maintaining long, happy relationships with your customers. Fortunately, promotional products can be your answer to expressing your gratitude while at the same time, reinforcing your branding.  Take these gourmet assortment tins: they include 5 gourmet chocolate chip cookies, 4 oz. honey roasted peanuts, 4 oz. gourmet cranberry nut mix, 3 pieces of white chocolate mid-size pretzels, 3 pieces of milk chocolate peanut clusters and 2 pieces of Swiss chocolate truffles.  Who wouldn't love you for giving them one of these tins?  Plus, you can emblazon the tins with your company logo, contact information, and message of thanks.  For more ideas of how to use promotionals to enhance your customer relations, contact us today.

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