Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brand Your Business: How do you measure up?

As discussed previously, sometimes the best promotional products aren't even the ones which directly tie into the type of service you offer, but are the ones most likely to be used by the customers you give them to.  How do you make such a choice?  Well, take a look around your house and see which promos you've been given over the years which you have hung onto.  Rulers, magnets, pens, and calendars are definitely tried and true options. One of my favorite giveaways is always a measuring tape. You always need them, and yet who wants to carry around the giant, heavy metal one from the tool box?  Imprint the front with your business logo and contact information, and you have a business card that is going to be looked at and handled time and time again, keeping your business in front of its customers for years to come.  For this and other promotional product ideas, contact us today.

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