Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brand Your Business: Turn the Page

Happy New Year, everybody!  We can't thank you enough for all your support this past year.  You've made our first year in our Cottage Street location a great one.  As one year comes to a close and another begins, it's a terrific time to reach out to your customers.  You might have even noticed some of your favorite suppliers and vendors sending a promotional item your way as a way of thanking you.  Don't you love getting that new calendar from the bank or oil company?  It's amazing how we almost rely on these annual gifts, but as times get tighter, you're seeing fewer and fewer given out.  Why not set yourself apart from the crowds by establishing your own annual tradition.  Your customers will love (and remember) you for it.  Need some more ideas of how promotional items can figure into this year's marketing plan?  Contact us today!

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