Friday, January 20, 2012

What We've Been Working On: Rah Rah!

We've been busy bees this week.  first we tackled the throne cover project and then threw ourselves headlong into this cool triple applique project for a local high school's cheer leading squad.

We started with some die-cut shapes and letters made to resemble the lettering on the teams old uniforms.

We placed the bottom layer on the uniform and stitched it on along the outer edges.

We then added top embroidery to serve as a guideline for placing the next layer.

The middle layer is then lined up over the first...

and stitched along the edges.

An outline is then stitched on top as a guideline for letter placement and the letters are then carefully placed on top.

We then stitch around the edges of the letters

And with that we're ready to rock.  Go team!

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